Thursday, April 4, 2013

Anywhere Ville

                                                                  Anywhere Ville

I have watched with sadness as the events and details surrounding the rape involving Stubenville members of a high school football team. This is a mother's worst nightmare on every level. Today while getting my daily fix of news, I stumbles upon a statement put out by former President of the NAACP for Stubenville. In it Royal Mayo inferred that what happened at the series of parties this young woman was physically carried to in a kind of round robin rape, were her own fault. She had gone to a party. So check one on the list of things young ladies should never do. She brought alcohol. Check two and also, she had willing gotten into the car of one of her attackers. Strike three. I do not possess the words, I do not have the capacity to fully express my dismay, disgust and yes, I admit anger. This man has set himself as a role model for young men. That he would be so irresponsible to actually say such things out loud but to a news agency, is just beyond me. It calls into question this man's own behavior when dealing with a vulnerable, careless person. Not only is he victim blaming, he is also teaching other teens what is allowable.

  Rape is so much more than a opportunity

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